Terms & Conditions

Please read these carefully.

  • Work submitted must be your own, and you must hold all moral and intellectual property rights to that work.

  • Only works selected for exhibition will be covered by our insurance.

  • All selected works need to be available one month prior to the opening of the first exhibition and to the close of the final exhibition. If works need to be released from our storage other than for the exhibition this will be at your expense.

  • New Contemporaries will manage all sales of selected work during the exhibition period with our partner Gertrude.

  • New Contemporaries is registered under the Data Protection Act 1988. Your details will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

  • The decision of the selectors is final and New Contemporaries cannot enter into further discussion about the selection. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any feedback on submitted applications.

  • If an applicant is found to be ineligible, or their submission is not shortlisted or selected the entry fee will not be refunded. Regrettably duplicate payments, incomplete applications or applications that are not submitted before the deadline cannot be refunded.

  • If you experience problems with the online submissions during the application period, please contact submissions@newcontemporaries.org.uk within 5 working days of the submission deadline.