Frequently Asked Questions


We are happy to assist artists who may identify as having a disability with the application process. Please contact us at

An audio version of the guidelines can be found on each page and a step-by-step video on uploading your submission can be found here.

What works should I apply with?

New Contemporaries cannot enter into any discussion regarding advice about particularities of artwork. We would advise that you discuss with your peers and tutors about making the strongest and most impactful application possible.

Why is there a £25 application fee?

We appreciate that the pandemic has been challenging for all of us working in the visual arts sector and that emerging artists and students have been particularly affected. However, the selection process is costly so unfortunately we are not in a position to waive the fee.

If an artist is selected, in addition to participating in two exhibitions and our range of professional development opportunities, they are paid an artist fee, and offered travel and accommodation costs for the opening of each exhibition as required. There is also an additional fee attached for all other content generated by artists (workshops, takeovers, etc.).

Should I add my name and title to my work?

The process is to remain anonymous. Please do not include your name or any biographical details, including place of study, on any media you upload or work descriptions. Note: video works should not include your name on any title pages or credits that may reveal your identity.

How do I submit my video work?

Please see here for instructions.

Uploading works is taking too long

The submissions site is likely to become very busy towards the deadline, so we recommend that you begin your application as early as possible. Please also check thePreparing and Uploading Your Submission page for more information about file sizes and formats.

What is the selection process?

Once closed, all submissions will be reviewed for eligibility and errors and applicants will be contacted with any queries. The panel of selectors will look at all material submitted, without seeing any biographical details about the artist, and will make a shortlist. Artists will be notified whether or not they have been shortlisted and we will then arrange for the collection of shortlisted works to be reviewed for final selection.

Why was my application not successful?

New Contemporaries receives an incredibly large number of submissions, with a very high standard of work submitted, so please do not be disheartened if you were not selected this time. We would love to be able to provide feedback to individual artists but, because of the volume of submissions, unfortunately this will not be possible.

Audio Guidelines:

Download the full Submission Guidelines here:

New Contemporaries 2021 Submission Guidelines