Video & Film Submission Instructions

All applicants who would like to submit moving image work as part of their application will need to upload their videos to Vimeo.

Create a Vimeo Basic account for free.

Please upload your work in the following formats; MP4, MOV, MWV, AVI or FLV.

Privacy setting set to ‘Anyone can see this video’.

For compression and resolution help: read here.

For additional upload help: read here.

Applicants may submit a maximum of 3 moving image works, each lasting a maximum of 3 minutes. Longer works should be represented by an excerpt of 3 minutes. Anything longer than this will not be watched. Please do not send stills from moving image works or documentation of installations.

Do not include your name, title, watermark or end credits, as selection must remain anonymous.

To attach your video to your application you will need to copy the ‘Share this video’ link from Vimeo. On your submission application don’t forget to select ‘video’ in the 'Documentation type' dropdown, then paste the URL into the documentation form ‘Vimeo URL’.

For full details please see below:

  1. Once uploaded, to attach your Vimeo video to your application you will need to locate its ‘Share this video’ link.

  2. To do this, click the blue face and then again on the video you will be submitting.Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.31.59.png

  3. Once at the video, click on the ‘Share’ button, located on the right of your video or just above the comments box.Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.45.58.png

  4. Select ‘+ Show options’ and check the following boxes. vimeo.png

  5. Then copy the URL that appears in the ‘Link’ box, as highlighted below, and paste this into the documentation form ‘Vimeo Link’ field.