Saelia Aparicio Torinos Studio Bursary with Sarabande


Saelia Aparicio Torinos, Studio mural and drawing

Blog Post: Saelia Apraricio Torinos


20 July 2017

I was really looking forward to having a studio, but during the first three weeks, I think I might have experienced a period of ‘Nigredo’, which Andrea Zucchini explains so well on his post about starting his studio bursary with SPACE. Or maybe I was just adapting to the new space and being at Sarabande. Whatever it was, the period of inactivity didn't last very long! Since then I have been feeling energised and I have been working across a variety of media: drawings, murals, combining mural with objects, galvanized steel gauze costume-pieces, mouth blown glass combined with all types of crap. But above all else, what I am really excited about - and is completely new to me - is that I am collaborating with my sister Attua Aparicio from Silo Studio (SASSA), and photographer Lua Ribeira (Puttifrutti). This has been a direct influence of Sarabande’s collaborative atmosphere; founder Lee Alexander McQueen was known for his collaborations with other creative practitioners.

After two months I am a proud member of the Sarabande family, we have a group show coming up in August in the gallery space (with the other Sarabande resident artists, Freya E. Morris, Mircea Teleaga And Thomas Garnon. Sarabande is a diverse community of creatives, with a calendar full of events, lots of visitors and there is always something going on. It is an organisation that supports and understands the struggles artists like myself face.

Now I am working towards two solo shows, ‘Peaks and Troughs’ at TURF Projects in Croydon, and ‘Rock Soft’ at The Tetley, Leeds so I guess I will have to continue to be very busy in my studio.