Andrea Zucchini Studio Bursary with SPACE


Andrea Zucchini, Untitled, 2017. Plaster, brass and ceramic cup

Blog Post: Andrea Zucchini


26 June 2017

I find that beginnings are always the most difficult. This studio opportunity coincides with the start of a new cycle within the creative spiral; consequently I find myself in the lower realm of the cycles, a place that alchemists call the ‘Nigredo’. This dark, chaotic phase is where one gathers the prima materia (also known as ‘the shit’ in mainstream alchemical terminology), which is subsequently transformed and processed into more precious and refined materials.

I’ve been exploring substances that are shaped and transformed by fire (the source of all transformation), namely glass, sand, iron, sulphur and ceramic. Even though I don’t feel like I’m yet discovering new pathways within my work, I have learnt that the only way within this phase of the spiral is to burn through it. I feel extremely privileged to undergo this process within the privacy of the studio; all I desire is to make the most of this opportunity and rise to the challenge.