The Trouble with Productivity


Image: Friedrich Kunath, Untitled, 2009, C-print, 127x 127 cm

Writer and critic Laura McLean- Ferris, Paul Pieroni, curator of Space, and writer and philosopher Lars Iyer, author of Spurious, discuss the potentials in being less productive

11 January 2012 - 11 January 2012
Artists, writers and curators today, more than ever, take part in a time-pressured culture of high performance. One is constantly expected to be productive, professional, and to deliver good work. Is this the way we really want to work? How do people working within the arts manage the imbalance between work and life? Can one be productive by being less productive? Are there creative possibilities in exhaustion, failure and laziness?

The event took place on 11 January 2012


ICA, London

Institute of Contemporary Arts The Mall, London,



England, UK

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