Craft-Tech: Panel Discussion


Lilah Fowler, ‘Code Clay, Data Dirt’, 2019, installation view, Firstsite, Colchester. Photography Ollie Harrop.

Craft-Tech: Panel Discussion

10 February 2022 -

6-7pm, online

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Contributors: Laurie Britton Newell (Chair), Lilah Fowler, Jahday Ford & Eva Rothschild

To coincide with the New Contemporaries exhibition at South London Gallery, the Craft-tech programme investigates the relationships between craft and technology. Many contemporary artists utilise various craft practices, often in a reappraisal of traditional methods, imbuing them with technological, industrial and digital processes in experimental and innovative ways.

Craft-tech will reflect on how technology is used in craft processes to enhance or even replace hand-based techniques; create synergies between practices, disciplines and media; question ideas around production; and explore the evolving place of craft in contemporary visual art contexts.

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As part of our Craft-tech programme, a series of practical workshops led by artists Salvatore Arancio and Enorê will take place on Saturday 12 Feb, 2-5 pm at the South London Gallery and Camberwell College of Arts.

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