Craft-tech: Workshops


Enorê, digitally knit textiles, 2020

Craft-tech: Workshops

12 February 2022 -


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To coincide with the New Contemporaries exhibition at South London Gallery, the Craft-tech programme investigates the relationships between craft and technology. Many contemporary artists utilise various craft practices, often in a reappraisal of traditional methods, imbuing them with technological, industrial and digital processes in experimental and innovative ways.

Salvatore Arancio will lead a workshop based on elements of his practice. Using Leo Lionni’s book Parallel Botany as a reference point, participants will work with clay and explore manipulation and distortion of organic forms through 3D printing.

Enorê will present the process of 3D scanning objects with a phone or handheld 3D scanner. Participants will transfer these to textiles and use a range of techniques to focus on the surface of 3D objects.

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Panel Discussion:

As part of our Craft-tech programme, a free online panel discussion will take place on Thursday 10 Feb, 6-7pm, with contributors: Laurie Britton Newell (Chair), Lilah Fowler, Jahday Ford & Eva Rothschild and a forthcoming artist response by New Contemporaries 2021 artist Freya Douglas Ferguson.

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Craft-tech: Panel Discussion


Salvatore Arancio was born in Catania, Italy, in 1974 and lives and works in Nice. The main interest at the centre of Salvatore Arancio’s artistic practice lies in the potential of images. Particularly in how images and their meaning can be re-framed or re-viewed. Each facet of his practice contains an intertwining juxtaposition of the roots and representation of images: natural and artificial, mineral and vegetable, scientific and mythological. Departing from their literal meaning, through the use of a range of media such as ceramics, etching, collage, animation and video, Arancio creates new juxtapositions that are both beautifully evocative and deeply disquieting, aiming to create a sort of atlas of confusion.

Enorê is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist working between digital and physical media, currently based in London. Their work revolves around the fluidity of digital media into physicality and back, the modes of translation that arise from these dynamics and how this relates to ways in which the body processes information. Using 3D scans and digital data to establish links between physical and digital realms, they bring into physical existence elements which can normally only be mediated through digital technology. enorê primarily works with 3D printed ceramics, textile and video, and have recently been commissioned by Contemporary And (C&) magazine


  • The South London Gallery and Camberwell College of Arts are wheelchair accessible
  • Seating is available
  • There are scheduled breaks
  • The workshops involve hands-on making. They are low noise.

Craft-tech is programmed by New Contemporaries in collaboration with South London Gallery and Camberwell College of Arts, and is supported by New Contemporaries Bridget Riley Artists’ Professional Development Programme


Camberwell College of Arts

45–65 Peckham Road