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Morgan Wills, Road to success, 2015. Photo collage, dimensions variable

Blog Post: Morgan Wills


21 September 2015

I think the main concern for the ‘emerging artist’, hauling his or herself from the horrible, crispy, beige cocoon of self doubt and beginning to transform into the beautiful, well respected and well exhibited butterfly they long to be, is how exactly to go about doing so. It is that post art school question, ‘what do I do now?’ There has been a significant change in the response to artists since the millennium; gone is the time of outrage and shock that followed those naughty YBA’s. Artists’ public presence has become nullified by a proliferation of #’s. Attempting to stand out amongst them seems to be an insurmountable task. I am not attempting some kind of anti-technology rant here, in fact I don’t really know what I am suggesting. I mean, who does? Has there ever been a magic formula for success? Maybe all the ‘emerging artist’ needs to do is create something that perfectly acknowledges the essential duality between the existence of human kind and the existence of human expression. You know, just something like that. I think if we all just manage to create something truly world changing then we’ll be fine. Those butterfly wings will dry off and then, zing! In come the offers – residency here, exhibition there, oh thank you so much, thank you, you’re too kind.