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Melanie Eckersley, Object Shadow, 2015.

Blog Post: Melanie Eckersley


24 September 2015

This mobile, nubile world is soft; layers of it bend to make way for new versions of itself; vultures upon cultures. To be a 21st century kid is to be casual with the context. Let me explain: what use is a physical home if it is to change in a year, a month, tomorrow? We feel more comfortable attributing feelings to the Dali print hanging in the stairwell, in place of the stairwell. Lucky, isn’t it? That the things we hold dear these days are indeed light and easy to carry, easy to quick (yallah) pack up (appurate) jump down, lift off, and plonk into the new home. Lowongan Kerja

The contemporary artist feels akin to a teenage expat girl. Is it part of the cycle? Instead of context however, the contemporary artist’s lack of value is reserved for medium. So “where were you born?” becomes as irrelevant as “what medium do you work with?” For emerging artists, the content is more notably valued (than ever before) than the medium. This is because a contemporary piece’s raison d’être (the decisions and mistakes that shape the piece’s being, along with its reception) easily survives the short lifespan of the physical work itself. Today, documentation is kept in better condition than its original. This, as well as the increasingly fast turnover of work, is one reason why we no longer take good care of our own art. Once exhibited, we take a picture of it, and then it’s onto the next one to quick (yallah) pack up (appurate) jump down, lift off, and plonk the same ideas into the new gallery.