Blog Post: Sophie Mackfall


Untitled, Acrylic on canvas, willow, raffia wire, twine, 2019

Lost Horizon


14 May 2019

I am writing this roughly halfway through my studio bursary at One Thoresby Street (OTS). Recently I have been focusing on developing ideas for a project curated by ramoslübbert for the upcoming Art Night Open taking place at Lloyd Park in the grounds of William Morris House, Walthamstow. I am planning to build on a body of work I started last summer, responding to various features of the park including the moat that surrounds it.

I spent much of 2018 working outside, often in the environment where the work would be shown. The involvement of the weather and the way that the horizon expands the frame has meant that returning to work within four walls has been an interesting challenge. In order to address this I have been developing ways to reframe the work, moving away from instinctive responses and starting with how the interaction of work and environment might be anticipated and then mediated.

The attic space at OTS has also become very useful as a testing ground for installations. Through these experimentations I have begun to get a sense of how I might approach putting together a show near the end of my bursary. Having an exhibition space that is largely available to use, provides a strange sense of malleability and infinite possibility in the staging of a body of work. I have the germ of an idea that the show could incorporate this sense of being unsettled, that it might be reconfigured over a period of time. This restlessness in how I make things in some ways mirrors the processes of adaptation in life, how we feel our way around the edges of new places and people. It is this open-ended quality that I hope to draw on.

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