Blog Post: Seungjo Jeong


Seungjo Jeong, still from 'Stairs', 2017, 2D animation

Blog Post: Seungjo Jeong



28 August 2018

Only two months remain until my year long residency at One Thoresby Street (OTS) comes to an end. I am currently preparing for my upcoming show up in the Attic of OTS in late October, which marks the culmination of my time on residency. The show will allow me to reflect upon the journey I have walked since relocating my art practice to Nottingham.

“Where’s the lift?” I asked on my first day at OTS while looking around the former factory with its impressive high-ceiling, packed with character and history. Walking up and down the three stories every day, I gradually became intrigued by the sound of my own footsteps echoing within the confines of the empty staircase. I soon came to see the percussive sound of the footfall as a reminder of my long-standing interest in the interplay between humans and the environment.

My animated short ‘Stairs’ explored this interplay by providing the viewers with the growing sense of immersion from a first person viewpoint. This led me to hope my interface paintings would function as meta-layers to jog the viewers’ own memories of the subject matter, the everyday object, by evoking the circumstances of their past individual interactions. The more I pursue my paintings to serve as an agent to intuitively switch on the viewers’ memories, the more I realise the significance of a more meaningful interaction between the works and the exhibition space. The Attic gallery space will be an ideal place for my continued exploration due to its unique architectural features that provide their own share of challenges. It is with great anticipation that I endeavour to respond to and produce paintings that have an increasing interrelationship with the space as I work towards my upcoming end of year residency show.

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