Andrea Zucchini: 5 months into his Studio Bursary with SPACE


Luna Storta, 2017, Concrete and roofing paint

Blog Post: Andrea Zucchini


24 October 2017

From head to toe, moon to stone. Fire above and Earth below, That is progress. The seeds have been planted and I wonder if by crouching down and staring at them they might grow any faster. As the memories, dreams and reflections have transformed into compost, new life is sprouting from the few roots that have survived the fire.

The current body of work I’m building takes inspiration from an archeological site near my hometown of Brescia, Northern Italy, right at the bottom of the Alps. This site hosts rock carvings covering a time span of over 10,000 years: from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, with the latest carvings made by Alpine fighters in the 1930s during the fascist regime. The carvings are completely juxtaposed: deer hunting and birth rituals next to medieval writing and bronze age depictions of agricultural land mapping next to Christian symbols.

Time here does not follow its linear path we today perceive as the unstoppable arrow, but rather is one with the layers of the fractured rock shaped by the gigantic pressure of the now molten glacier. Rather then accessing this knowledge through historical or scientific means, I’m attempting to create a connection through dreams and emotions. This has led me to create a bridge between my outer landscape shaped by London’s post-industrial depression and my inner states formed of demonic imagery and cosmic oblivion: a sensuous reality is being formed, where dried up bones dust, devilish visions and shadowy moons penetrate an industrial landscape made of fiberglass, tar and metal.

Who would have thought that by walking inner landscapes we would find MOTs, open bins, burned down scooters; and that the house would have a leaky roof, a moldy bathroom and a swamp instead of a garden?