Blog Post: Marie Jacotey 

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Marie Jacotey, 100 sec with you, 2018, oil pastels on fabric, metal poles and beds, installation, 300 x 800 x 300 cm

Blog Post: Marie Jacotey

100 sec with you


12 November 2018

100 sec with you is a text composed of selected fragments of a longer text featured in my eponymous latest textile installation. In this work, we find those words handwritten alongside drawings adorning curtain walls and beds of a recreated dormitory. The narrative is intending to relate some highly personal experiences and even though told from an ‘I’ perspective, it is not autobiographical per se. I didn’t wish it to be seen from a specifically gendered standpoint. I envision it to be a sort of a celebratory testimony of how some loving relationships - however long lasting or not - can shape us and transform us. The work was created during my studio bursary at Hospitalfield.


You were right:

100 sec with you

And the rest of the world

Feels lukewarm



You opened your mouth to let a stream of bullshit

Flow, untamed, wild free fall of insanities

Random subject matters;

Pieced together as your voice followed your drifty mind

– it seemed –

But it made sense to me

In a deeper, subterranean buried understanding

Like earth speaks if you let it –

Or some say, I have never experienced it first hand,

I knew the real meaning of your words:


Of all those things,

Some were so ugly to hear

But if I felt anger: it was in me already

And you felt like such a cataclysmic demonstration

Of how one would go on about setting free

Or just destroying any relationship

I was never quite sure

And I loved that mess of yours

As it also generated pure bliss

You had it all sorted, sure

But it screamed




Tempus fugit but love lingers

Memento mori & wild love me


You reminded me how stuck I was

Fearing my own heart beats

When pretending not to


You shiver in horror

That they should know

How dark your soul is

How little you laugh everyday


Your hands on that first night

Crumpled those nasty thoughts

And I felt alive like rarely

And there I stood in the morning: beaming

Because you made me

In love with you and the whole world

Because you made me


Say: goodbye darkness