BNC 2007, Cornerhouse


Cornerhouse is a loyal venue for New Contemporaries and has regularly presented the show over the last 20 years in its programme

23 November 2007 - 20 January 2008

A total of 1150 applications were received from this year's national open submission, from over 70 art schools across the UK. From this, selectors Nigel Cooke, Michael Landy and Linda Norden shortlisted over 100 artists and their work brought to Club Row for further deliberation, before selecting the 47 Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007 artists.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007 artists are: Steve Bishop, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Lucy Coggle, Rhys Coren, Charlie Crane, Mary Ferguson, David Fletcher, Katarina Forss, Alistair Frost, Dido Hallett, Gabriel Hartley, Alexander Heim, Laurie Hill, Margot Hill, Adam Holmes-Davies, Luke Jackson, Hannah James, Heike Kabisch, Maria-Brigita Karantzi, Camilla Kesterton, Penny Klepuszewska, Ian Larson, Francisco Lobo, Fiona Mackay, Amy Grace McDonough, Janine Mclallan, Andrew Mealor, Jason Nelson, Jack Newling, Gemma Pardo, Daniel Pasteiner, James Ryan, Charlie Tweed, Tom Walker, Jackson Webb, Gesche Würfel, Yohei Yashi.

The show is well supported by the Cornerhouse audiences and always receives a very positive reception as one of the most popular exhibitions in their programme.

If someone were ever to organise a contest to find the most important annual exhibition in Britain, I think my vote would certainly go to New Contemporaries. Certainly, it would be in my top two, with only the Turner Prize as serious competition. The show's guiding idea is such a simple one: every year it selects the most vigorous students graduating from out art schools and displays their wares. It therefore performs two valuable functions. First it talent spots for the nation and sieves out the best artistic hopefuls heading into the art world proper. Second, it illuminates the tastes and thought processes of the student mind, thereby allowing us oldies to keep up with our times. If you get New Contemporaries, you get the zeitgeist.

Waldemar Januszczac, Sunday Times Nov 07



70 Oxford Street

M1 5NH



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