Artists 2007


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Steve Bishop

Steve Bishop

Image of Sarah Bowker-Jones

Sarah Bowker-Jones

Image of Lucy Coggle

Lucy Coggle

Image of Rhys Coren

Rhys Coren

Image of Charlie Crane

Charlie Crane

Image of Mary Ferguson

Mary Ferguson

Image of David Fletcher

David Fletcher

Image of Katarina Forss

Katarina Forss

Image of Alistair Frost

Alistair Frost

Image of Dido Hallett

Dido Hallett

Image of Gabriel Hartley

Gabriel Hartley

Image of Alexander Heim

Alexander Heim

Image of Laurie Hill

Laurie Hill

Image of Margot Hill

Margot Hill

Image of Adam Holmes-Davies

Adam Holmes-Davies

Image of Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson

Image of Hannah James

Hannah James

Image of Heike Kabisch

Heike Kabisch

Image of Maria-Brigita Karantzi

Maria-Brigita Karantzi

Image of Camilla Kesterton

Camilla Kesterton

Image of Penny Klepuszewska

Penny Klepuszewska

Image of Ian Larson

Ian Larson

Image of Francisco Lobo

Francisco Lobo

Image of Fiona Mackay

Fiona Mackay