Maria-Brigita Karantzi



b. 1981 Athens, Greece

2005-07 MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London
1999-04 BA [hons] Fine Art, Athens School of Fine Art, Greece

Previous Exhibitions:
2007 Multiple Intimacy, Istanbul, Turkey
2007 End of the World Party, Just in Case, Big Project Space, Athens
2006 Don't Tempt the Lonely and Perversed, Meals & SUVs, London
2006 Goldsmiths Survey 2006, White Box Project Space, New York
2006 Rooms to Let, Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece
2006 Rag and Bone, Three Colts Gallery, London
2006 The Great Circle Jercle Caboose, London Underground
2005 Ek-Krisis, Old Tobacco Warehouse, Xanthi, Greece
2003 Weird Pop, Gazon Rouge, Athens
2002 [art]14, E.P.A.S.K.T., Athens

Selectors' Comments:
This is so small you could miss it, and so fragile you could wreck it accidentally before you realised. This slightness brings you into a very different physical relationship with it as art than the other works in the show. But it's also very endearing in a tragic kind of way, like an impossibly ambitious project set up by ants.

Artist's Statement:
This is an escape-machine which transforms a room into an automobile, only a few minutes after it has been installed. At this stage there are only two problems yet to be resolved:

a) It is not really working properly
b) you have to carry around with you the space you wish to escape from

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