Rafael Pérez Evans Receives Scholarship


Rafael Pérez Evans, Invigilate, C3A Museum. Spain. 2019 Live mango tree, CCTV camera, CCTV screen. 6 x 5 x 8 m

Rafael Pérez Evans Receives Scholarship


3 February 2020

We are excited to announce that Rafael Pérez Evans (BNC19) has been awarded the Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Beckett University scholarship in partnership with New Contemporaries. Rafael will receive a bursary and international research travel grant, Fine Art teaching placement at Leeds Beckett University, access to workshop facilities and the scholarship will conclude in a solo exhibition in the Henry Moore Institute's Gallery 4.

"I’m truly grateful to New Contemporaries, The Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Beckett University for this fantastic opportunity. This scholarship is helping me work through new research at the Henry Moore flat and making at Leeds Beckett University facilities for a future solo show that will open at the Henry Moore Institute in 2020. I am now exploring tensions around the man made, agriculture, technologies and soil, thinking about the uprooting of land as a site, where things become mobile, up for grabs, stolen. I am also thinking about how commodities move around, they are made, pushed, delivered fast accelerated into a state of free float and this is very disorientating, some things are being forced to move and they want to be rooted.

This research time is being shared with great people who are coming to the HMI to lecture and research - a truly great opportunity to be able to meet people such as curator Judith Winter, architectural historians Anthony Vidler & Teresa Stoppani, and the great faculty at Leeds Beckett which includes Professor Simon Morris. Teaching at Leeds Beckett's BA Fine Art programme, and being in touch with such a great student cohort and faculty is fundamental in expanding my knowledge outside of the capital and giving me much needed new views on making from the fantastic students." Rafael Pérez Evans

Rafael Pérez Evans (b. 1983, Málaga) Spanish - Welsh. Lives and works in London. He received a BA & MFA Fine Art from Goldsmiths College (2010 & 2020). Recent Exhibitions include: The Devils Bird, Ornithomancy at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (2019), Wheels Pluriyuca at Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2019), Leeds Art Gallery / South London Gallery, Thief, Invigilate at C3A Museum in Spain (2019), L’Doune at Matadero Madrid (2018) and Pavo Realengo at Nogueras Blanchard Gallery (2017).

You can read more about Rafael's practice and his scholarship in Leeds Beckett's interview with Rafael Pérez Evans.

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