Blog Post: Katie Schwab


Knots, Family Day, Baltic, Newcastle, 2018 (photo: Colin Davison)



25 March 2019

I recently emailed a removals company to enquire about moving studio at the end of the month. They asked me exactly what I would be moving.

I listed bowls and pots and baskets and mugs; plants, blankets, rugs, cushions and a chest of drawers. Some postcards, a 2018 calendar, notebooks, glazes, yarn, thread, Letraset, a loom, a hoover, an ironing board. Lab stools. Four tables and eight industrial shelving units. Books (fabric, furniture, fiction). Formica samples. Receipts. Newsprint. Colouring pencils. A tarpaulin. Armchair. Two teapots. Bananas. A broken tripod. Pins. Printer paper. Paint samples. Library card. Mixing bowls. Sandals, trainers, slippers, steel toe-capped boots. A hole punch. A tea towel. A sewing machine. An amplifier. A cutting mat. A heater, a dustbin. A drill, hammer, miscellaneous screws. A mop. Three extension leads. A printer. A cutlery tray and an alarm clock.

These all found a home at Deborah House over the last year, in a beautiful light-filled studio on the third floor. This enormously generous studio bursary has allowed me to settle back into life in London; to make new work for shows in Plymouth and Pittenweem, and to plan projects at Tate St Ives and Baltic. I’m moving on to new projects with the Horniman and The White House and am hugely grateful to SPACE and New Contemporaries for the last 12 months of support, thank you!

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