Blog Post: Seungjo Jeong


Interface V, 2018, Acrylic on linen

Blog Post: Seungjo Jeong


17 April 2018

BNC16 artist Seungjo Jeong our current studio holder at One Thoresby Street discusses his recent exhibition, and his sixth month into the bursary.

Thoresby Street Thursdays is an ongoing series of short exhibitions that feature the works of its artist members here at One Thoresby Street in Nottingham. It is an exciting platform to showcase to the public the various art-forms created on site. I was able to participate in this event on the 22nd of March with Josh Lockwood and Tristan Hessing. Although I approached this member-led show in a rather casual way, it held great significance to me to be given the opportunity to timely present a new body of work and to reflect on my practice five months into the residency.

Rather than restricting ourselves to a unified single curatorial theme, we agreed upon a freer approach of presentation up in the Attic exhibition space. Josh chose to install meditative floor based sculptural works, constructed mainly out of parts from his old drawers. Tristan created a meticulous black and white wall painting that spread out onto three adjacent walls. I presented two new paintings made specifically for this show, drawing inspiration from an old VHS cassette. Interface V attempts to envision painting as container for ephemeral memories, whereas Interface V3, the triptych, is my continued investigation in the possibilities of painting as carrier to convey the idea of ‘musicality without sound’. The opportunity to work within the character filled architecture of the Attic has instilled in me new avenues of formal and spatial intrigue, and it is this interplay between my paintings and the space that I hope to explore in the remaining second half of the residency.