Blog Post: Michaela Yearwood-Dan

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Michaela at her opening of ‘One English Pound’, Sarabande Foundation, 2019

Blog Post: Michaela Yearwood-Dan

The Midterm Itch


5 February 2019

Time is a funny old thing isn’t it? They say it “flies by, when you’re having fun”, but I guess in the same breath it can be the slowest tormentor too.

It’s been just over six months into my residency here at Sarabande and now it’s winter when time feels like its crawling by; but if I stop and reflect on the past months, taking into consideration how much I’ve achieved within myself and my creative practice it seems shocking. I have created a body of work that has increased my visibility within the industry and most importantly aided self-growth through cathartic release and reflection.

In these months, I’ve exhibited alongside my peers as well as artists whose work I dedicated GCSE sketchbook pages to. I’ve gained new friends and been fully immersed into a community. I’ve been featured in magazines, drank too much sparkling wine at fancy parties that I didn’t get the ‘no trainers’ memo for and lead workshops that filled my heart with so much joy.

Recently I had my first ever Solo show, which was a personal high. It also coincided with a group show I was asked to be part of in Cyprus, and right now as I sit and write this, I’m looking at my list of things to get done before I go to Johannesburg for the Future Assemblies and VANSA residency I was invited on that will result in making commissioned work for the 2019 Lagos Biennale.

So yeah, I guess on second thoughts they’re right…Time does fly when you’re having fun.

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