Blog Post: Lana Locke


Lana Locke's Two-Week Residency at Hospitalfield, Angus.


19 February 2024

Lana Locke (NC 2013 and 2016) gives a vlog insight into how she spent her time during her two-week residency at Hospitalfield, Scotland. Taking place in October/November 2023 in the aftermath of Storm Babet, she shares a preview of some of the footage she collected there for a film she is working on about wild swimming in the age of climate change. This is combined with moments spent in the studio and in group activities with other interdisciplinary residents staying at Hospitalfield, from Halloween celebrations to Freedom for Palestine protests.

Lana Locke is an artist practising across a range of media, including installation, sculpture and video. She is interested in exploring the precariousness of human and non-human life in the context our current political and ecological predicament. She draws on her direct personal experience and positionality as a starting point to explore wider ranging, intersectional contexts – from the gendered subjugations of motherhood to confronting White privilege and colonial and ecological violence.

She has had solo exhibitions at LUNGLEY Gallery (2019, 2020 and 2023), Liddicoat & Goldhill project space (2018), DOLPH Projects, (2016) and Schwartz Gallery (2014). She has exhibited in group exhibitions at ADH Gallery (2023), Shtager & Shch (2023), Hales Gallery (2022), National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Taiwan (2021), OOF Gallery (2021), Kingston Museum (2019), MOCA Taipei, Taiwan (2018), the Nunnery Gallery (2018) and Block 336 (2015).