Blog Post: James Berrington


James Berrington, Modern Living, 2015. 24 x C-type prints mounted on aluminium, text panel and image labels Installation at 71a Gallery, London, June 2016

Blog Post: James Berrington


20 June 2016

The work I will be showing at BNC 2016 comprises minimalist life-size photographs of bricks. The work is a response to the current housing crisis in the UK, something which probably affects us all in one way or another.

I really want to encourage viewers to reflect and think about their own and others’ experiences of home, and of the housing market through images which are somewhere between an advertising image, a brick catalogue, a still life and conceptualist typology. The somewhat perfectionist rendering of the bricks (with their visible imperfections) makes them become objects of desire but also - I hope - hold viewers attention long enough to reflect and consider their metaphorical significance.

The text panel accompanying the images forms an integral element of the work, along with the individual names of the bricks. The series is flexible to fit different gallery contexts: I’ve shown 24 images previously, allowing greater comparisons, but more are possible! I am now developing a Modern Living brick series photobook, which will utilise more of the images; text will be an important element within the book.

I am personally committed to and have worked in social housing for many years, which has continued to inform my practice. This has led to a number of photographic projects, including a photobook that focussed on the meaning of home, emotionally, historically, and also geographically.

Visiting Liverpool, will allow me to see the world’s largest brick warehouse, the amazing Stanley Tobacco Dock Warehouse, apparently co-designed by a certain Arthur Berrington.