Blog Post: Andrea Zucchini


research trip, 2017

Blog Post: Andrea Zucchini


29 January 2018

I saw the future today, darkness can be genetic.

After many years without having seen each other, I visited my dad in his
workshop. The vision instantly grew, when I noticed him using the same
materials in his work as I do. It’s a strong, unsettling sign.
The dark dream had foretold all of this: Lucifer after all is the bringer of light,
the morning star in the deep of the night.

My father’s profession involves making prosthetics using expanding
polyurethane foam, vacuumed cast resins, fiberglass, carbon fiber,
thermoformed silicone and plastics. I love the dark growth that manifests: the
industrial positive of the biological negative.

The work paves the way, and I walk with a toxic glow.
I cannot tell you more since when the container is sealed low temperatures
are preferable. If you don’t believe me ask those who know.

Renewal comes from the most unexpected place.
And the most painful.
I saw the future today.