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Studio things, 2016

Blog Post: Anita Delaney


10 May 2016

♥ It's love ♥
) True love (

Every time I open the studio door it's bliss. It's a beautiful, big, bright space and it hums with potential. I want to be there all the time, – it is one of the best places to be.

I am making objects. While this may be a familiar mode of engagement for many artists, it is a less common experience for me (I’m more often behind a camera). There have been all sorts of mixing and matching, squirting and slapping. Something hard and sharp ended up in my eye from not wearing the appropriate goggles but I got it out again without injury, and now I wear the goggles because I’ve learnt from experience.

I'm casting concrete and foam for the first time and working with other materials like obsidian and cotton wool – there is a ‘heavy/ light’ thing going on I think. I want to use the studio to see what some of the ideas from my moving image work are like as an image or object in space. But I also sense something new rising too. It's all making the wheels in my head turn apace...

It's been a fairly frenzied month of manifesting things that have previously been notebook bound. Up next is some reflection on progress so far and having some people over to peruse, ponder, or poke the resulting works.