Anita Delaney: End of Studio Bursary at SPACE


Anita Delaney, lovely, lovely, lovely, 2017

Blog Post: Anita Delaney


9 May 2017

I'm writing this in hindsight having already moved out of my studio at SPACE 3 weeks ago. It was, very simply, brilliant to have such a tranquil and generously proportioned studio all to myself for a year. It has been a chance to spend time with materials and allowed my process to change pace. I was able to host screenings there, have people over and generally have an all-round GREAT TIME. While in an ideal world I would have that kind of resource permanently, a year felt long and there is a lot to reflect on; it's ok to be studio free for a while and ruminate. It's like the perfect album: it makes you feel enlivened, you feel it in your body, it's always over before you’re ready but the memory stays with you and maybe even realigns your perception.

I want to sincerely thank New Contemporaries and SPACE. It is increasingly competitive and costly to have such a space in London and I feel grateful to have had this opportunity. My very best wishes to the next recipient A x