Anita Delaney: 2 months left of her SPACE studio bursary


Anita Delaney, work in progress 2017

Blog Post: Anita Delaney


15 February 2017

Coming into the last leg now, with about 2 months left to go and the work is coming together well. After much reflection, individual elements are beginning to embrace and conjoin. Materials I was interested in are also finding their way into the video work in a sculptural way and everything is starting to feel more cohesive. Objects and materials I am attracted to are starting to reveal their inner pull; a subjective logic is hardening. I still have a long list of things I want to get through which may not all happen, in the time remaining but there is lots to ruminate on and some time of pause will be good after the year finishes. Production has been quite high over the 10 months to date and looking back at pictures I have taken intermittently, I can see how ideas have evolved. It’s quite satisfying and feels like many seeds have been sown that will bear fruit in the future. It’s been great to be able to let stuff sit, both physically and mentally. For the last couple of months of my studio bursary I’ll be spending as much time in the space as possible. I’ll be finishing some work but also having a couple of open studio events and screenings to mark the closing stage.