Zine Club with Shy Bairns

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Shy Bairns' Zine-Making Workshop at Bluecoat

14 July 2018 -

Following the launch of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 exhibition at Liverpool John Moores University, artist collective Shy Bairns will be inviting audiences to contribute to an ongoing zine-making workshop.

Shy Bairns is a multi-disciplinary collective specialising in DIY arts publications and workshops. The four artists that make up Shy Bairns, Izzy Kroese, George Gibson, Erin Blamire and Eleanor Haswell state an interest in community, identity, Art World Politics and Real World Politics, and how print relates to all of these things.

Sat 14 Jul / 1pm - 4pm

Free, drop-in.



School Lane

L1 3BX


0151 702 5324