Ashleigh Williams: Cartoon Discussion Group


Adventure Time: Distant Lands, 2020, Season 1 Episode 2, Available to watch on HBOMAX

Ashleigh Williams: Cartoon Discussion Group

15 July 2021 -

6 - 7:30pm, Zoom

Ashleigh Williams' Cartoon Discussion Group
is an event using cartoons as a framework to discuss representation of marginalised communities within the arts.

In this session, join 2020 alumni and current Digital Residency artist Ashleigh Williams (Babeworld) to chat about all things cartoons.

"In this 1.5 hour session, we will be watching cartoons and anime that talk about the big topics - without the inaccessible scariness of ‘academic’ language. Using cartoons to discuss masking, queer love, class conciousness and meritocracy - this will be a friendly space for us to have a laugh, bitch, and watch some tv tbh."

The clips which will form part of the discussion can be watched in advance, but will also be watched collectively in the session:

To book

This session will be held on Zoom and is open to 12 participants on a first come first served basis. Please email if you would like to attend. Feel free to notify us in advance if you would prefer to attend with your camera/mic off.


Please make sure your pronouns are in your display name on zoom. (This can be done when you join the event by hovering the mouse over your display and clicking the three dots in the top right hand corner, where you will find an option to change your display name. Alternatively you can sign into your zoom before the event via your web browser, go to your profile and click edit at the top right corner of your name.)

This reading group is an open space, encouraging dialogue about sometimes complex issues. With this in mind, please be thoughtful and engage with integrity. There is no room for racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and classism in these events. Marginalised people are under no obligation to educate you, share their experiences, or comfort you during this event, and we ask you to be mindful of any assumptions you make about others present.

Having your cameras and microphones on is entirely optional. It is fine should you need to leave at any point, so long as we are respectful of other participants.

Any resources you may need for the session can be found hyperlinked above. No physical materials or computer softwares other than Zoom and whatever you’ll be using to make notes (if you choose) will be needed.

Read Ashleigh's Cartoon and Anime Reviews which form part of her current Digital Residency.