New Contemporaries Roundtable: Exchange

Nina Davies Davies_SteppingIntoMachine__WEB004.jpg

Nina Davies, Stepping Into Machine, 2022. Moving image (still).

Roundtable discussion with Nina Davies, Mira Hirtz, Ever Hussayni and Abbas Zahedi.

9 March 2024 -


Free event.

Join this roundtable discussion that will explore forms of exchange and how this can create space for collectivity, empowerment, participation, shared experience, and connection. Contributors: Nina Davies, Mira Hirtz, Evar Hussayni and Abbas Zahedi.

This event accompanies the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition at Camden Art Centre.

The Artists

Nina Davies is an artist who considers the present moment through observing dance in popular culture; how it’s disseminated, circulated, made, and consumed. 

Mira Hirtz is a performance artist, art mediator and art theorist who bases her work on somatic practices and explores the value of creativity for human beings and ecologies.

Under the umbrella of archives and the concept of ‘documentation’, Evar Hussayni's practice explores visibility, political/historical positioning, violence and its relationship with the trajectory of Kurdish feminism/womanhood.

Abbas Zahedi blends contemporary philosophy, poetics, and social dynamics with performative and new-media modes. With an emphasis on how personal and collective histories interweave, Abbas makes connections whenever possible with people involved in the particular situations upon which he focuses.


Camden Art Centre

Arkwright Road