Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Lou Baker

Lou Baker

Image of Adam Boyd

Adam Boyd

Image of Ashton Blyth

Ashton Blyth

Image of Tom Bull

Tom Bull

Image of Velvet Butler Carroll / Rudi Blu

Velvet Butler Carroll / Rudi Blu

Image of Josh Clague

Josh Clague

Image of Danying Chen

Danying Chen

Image of Eugenia Cuellar

Eugenia Cuellar

Image of bill daggs

bill daggs

Image of Francesca Dobbe

Francesca Dobbe

Image of Charlotte Edey

Charlotte Edey

Image of Paola Estrella

Paola Estrella

Image of Winnie Hall

Winnie Hall

Image of Hamish Halley

Hamish Halley

Image of Deborah Hobson

Deborah Hobson

Image of Eva Hopper

Eva Hopper

Image of Steph Huang

Steph Huang

Image of Gabriel Kidd

Gabriel Kidd

Image of Yun Kim

Yun Kim

Image of Kneed: Ishwari Bhalerao and Leonie Rousham

Kneed: Ishwari Bhalerao and Leonie Rousham

Image of Sarah Lang

Sarah Lang

Image of Akinsola Lawanson

Akinsola Lawanson

Image of Lorena Levi

Lorena Levi

Image of Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe