Shannon Bono



BNC2021 Online Platform

b.1995, London, England

2019 – 2021, Pg Cert Academic Practice Art, Design and Communication University of the Arts London, London

2017 – 2019, MA Art & Science, Central Saint Martins, London

2013 – 2016, BSc Biochemistry, University of Essex, Colchester

Recent Exhibitions


2021 Avante Arte x WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong

2021 ’Corpus Mentis’, The VOV, Online

2021 ‘A War with no Winner: bodies and their Spaces’, Grove Collective, London

2021 ‘I am not a Goddess…unless I say I am’, SABO Art x Amar Sigh Gallery, Lagos

2020 ‘Reflections’, Windows Gallery, London

2020 ‘SOMA TOKTO II’, Kunstraum Gallery, London

2020 ‘Stall’, Sarabande The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation, London

2020 ‘Art Still Flourishes’, Visual Space, Online

2020 ‘Live Flesh’, Sarabande The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation, London

2019 ‘The Colour of Pain’, Imperial Collage London, London

2019 ‘BLM Cultural Affairs Project’, Keele University, Newcastle

2019 ‘SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM (SGFA)’, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

2019 ‘The State of Things’, Copeland Gallery, London

2019 ‘FLOCK Graduate exhibition’, Buday gallery, London

2019 ‘Tate Exchange: Art and activism’, Tate Modern, London

2019 ‘Black Bodies Brown parasites’, Central Saint Martins, London

2019 ‘Intersect’, London School of Economics, London

2019 ‘Xhibit’, Koppel Project Central Gallery, London

2019 ‘RIFT’, Central Saint Martins, London

2018 ‘EmbryonicA’, Central Saint Martins, London

2018 ‘Beyond Black History Month’, Sketch House, London

2018 ‘Black Bodies Brown parasites’, London Collage of Fashion, London

2018 ‘Black History Month’, Copeland Gallery, London,

2018 ‘Archiving the feminist experience’, Goldsmiths Gallery Space, London

2018 ‘Coloured’, Willesden Gallery, London

2018 ‘Reconstructing Practice’, California

2018 ‘Normal to Dissent’, Central Saint Martins Windows gallery, London

2018 ‘Appetite’, Apiary Studios, London

2018 ‘Open dialogue’, Central Saint Martin’s, London

2018 ‘Tate Exchange: Studio complex’, Tate Modern, London

2017 ‘Art lab’, Central Saint Martins, London

Awards and Residencies

2021/2022 Studio residency, Anderson Gallery, London

2020 Painting tutor residency, The Koppel Project Campus, London

2019/20 Studio residency, Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation, London

2019 Studio residency, PLOP, London

2018 UAL Postgraduate Community project fund, London

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