Serena Huang 



BNC2021 Online Platform

b. 1995, Guangzhou, China

2018-2020 MA Contemporary Art Practice, Royal College of Art, London  

2014-2017 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art Fine Art, University of the Arts London

Recent Exhibitions


2018 ‘Last Wednesday’, Banana Jam Space, Shenzhen


2021 ‘Infinite Finiteness’, Restaer Space, Hangzhou

2021 ‘Neoplatonism’, Kunshan Art Space, Suzhou

2020 ‘(As Ann M. Hue begins to reminisce about the play: The Smartphone Was Invented Before the Candle...)’, Dyson Gallery, London

2020 ‘Pending’, San Mei Gallery, London

2020 ‘Mal(e)feance’, UglyDuck, London

2020 ‘Liquin Presents -Biscuits Go Crunch and the Frequency Band Screenings’, Hoxton 253, London

2019 ‘The Dream Exhibition’, The Paos Galleries, Hongkong

Awards and Residencies:

2021 Participant in 1:1 Exchange Residency W/Andrew Hart, Beaconsfield Gallery, London

2020 Haptic, online residency at

2019 The Signature Art Prize, Moving Image category shortlist, China

2017 Peace in it together bit by bit pt 3 residency, Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix Gallery, London

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