Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Susan Atwill

Susan Atwill

Image of Mataio Austin Dean 

Mataio Austin Dean 

Image of Christopher Bond 

Christopher Bond 

Image of Shannon Bono

Shannon Bono

Image of Alice Bucknell 

Alice Bucknell 

Image of Richard Burton 

Richard Burton 

Image of Thomas Cameron 

Thomas Cameron 

Image of Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell 

Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell 

Image of Anna Choutova 

Anna Choutova 

Image of Bo Choy 

Bo Choy 

Image of Kedisha Coakley 

Kedisha Coakley 

Image of Noemi Conan 

Noemi Conan 

Image of Lauren Craig 

Lauren Craig 

Image of Angelina May Davis 

Angelina May Davis 

Image of Femi Dawkins  

Femi Dawkins  

Image of Charles de Agustin 

Charles de Agustin 

Image of Darya Diamond 

Darya Diamond 

Image of Pete G. Donaldson

Pete G. Donaldson

Image of Freya Douglas Ferguson 

Freya Douglas Ferguson 

Image of Karolina Dworska 

Karolina Dworska 

Image of Enorê


Image of Janina Frye 

Janina Frye 

Image of Max Göran

Max Göran

Image of Aoibheann Greenan 

Aoibheann Greenan