Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Sangbum Ahn

Sangbum Ahn

Image of Ned Armstrong

Ned Armstrong

Image of Paul Barlow

Paul Barlow

Image of Alexandre Canonico

Alexandre Canonico

Image of Nicole Coson

Nicole Coson

Image of Gabriella Davies

Gabriella Davies

Image of Lúcás Dillon

Lúcás Dillon

Image of Ufuoma Essi

Ufuoma Essi

Image of Jake Grewal

Jake Grewal

Image of Clara Hastrup

Clara Hastrup

Image of Nimmi Hutnik

Nimmi Hutnik

Image of Lily Kemp

Lily Kemp

Image of Maria Mahfooz

Maria Mahfooz

Image of Zethu Maseko

Zethu Maseko

Image of Rene Matić

Rene Matić

Image of Cat McClay and Éiméar McClay

Cat McClay and Éiméar McClay

Image of Liam Mertens

Liam Mertens

Image of Edwin Mingard

Edwin Mingard

Image of Kimie Minobe

Kimie Minobe

Image of Karabo Monareng

Karabo Monareng

Image of Pablo Paillole

Pablo Paillole

Image of Jung Min Park

Jung Min Park

Image of Anne Carney Raines

Anne Carney Raines

Image of Anika Roach

Anika Roach