Artists 2019


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Jan Agha 

Jan Agha 

Image of Eleonora Agostini

Eleonora Agostini

Image of Justin Apperley

Justin Apperley

Image of Ismay Bright

Ismay Bright

Image of Roland Carline

Roland Carline

Image of Liam Ashley Clark

Liam Ashley Clark

Image of Becca May Collins

Becca May Collins

Image of Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz

Image of Samuel Fordham

Samuel Fordham

Image of Chris Gilvan-Cartwright

Chris Gilvan-Cartwright

Image of Gabriela Giroletti

Gabriela Giroletti

Image of Roei Greenberg

Roei Greenberg

Image of Elena Helfrecht

Elena Helfrecht

Image of Mary Herbert

Mary Herbert

Image of Laura Hindmarsh

Laura Hindmarsh

Image of Cyrus Hung

Cyrus Hung

Image of Yulia Iosilzon

Yulia Iosilzon

Image of Umi Ishihara

Umi Ishihara

Image of Alexei Alexander Izmaylov

Alexei Alexander Izmaylov

Image of Paul Jex

Paul Jex

Image of Eliot Lord

Eliot Lord

Image of Renie Masters

Renie Masters

Image of Annie Mackinnon

Annie Mackinnon

Image of Simone Mudde

Simone Mudde