Artists 2017


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Raen Barnsley

Raen Barnsley

Image of Calum Bowden

Calum Bowden

Image of Eleanor Breeze

Eleanor Breeze

Image of Christy Burdock

Christy Burdock

Image of Robbie Campbell

Robbie Campbell

Image of Neil Carroll

Neil Carroll

Image of Sofia Caselli

Sofia Caselli

Image of Adam Castle & Ed Twaddle

Adam Castle & Ed Twaddle

Image of Tereza Červeňová

Tereza Červeňová

Image of Sarah Cockings & Harriet Fleuriot

Sarah Cockings & Harriet Fleuriot

Image of Declan Colquitt

Declan Colquitt

Image of José R. Cordeiro

José R. Cordeiro

Image of Jake Elwes

Jake Elwes

Image of Darek Fortas

Darek Fortas

Image of Rufus Roma Genn

Rufus Roma Genn

Image of Matthew Gough

Matthew Gough

Image of Thomas Greig

Thomas Greig

Image of Tom Hatton

Tom Hatton

Image of Caitlin Hazell

Caitlin Hazell

Image of Gabriella Hirst

Gabriella Hirst

Image of Jack Howell Evans

Jack Howell Evans

Image of Hettie James

Hettie James

Image of Jack Killick

Jack Killick

Image of Carla Lavin

Carla Lavin