Artists 2016


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Victoria Adam

Victoria Adam

Image of Katja Angeli

Katja Angeli

Image of Diana Anghel

Diana Anghel

Image of Saelia Aparicio Torinos

Saelia Aparicio Torinos

Image of James Berrington

James Berrington

Image of Jack Bodimeade

Jack Bodimeade

Image of Anna Bunting-Branch

Anna Bunting-Branch

Image of Leah Carless

Leah Carless

Image of Michael Cox

Michael Cox

Image of David Donald

David Donald

Image of Jemma Egan

Jemma Egan

Image of Kate Fahey

Kate Fahey

Image of Jamie Fitzpatrick

Jamie Fitzpatrick

Image of Harry Fletcher

Harry Fletcher

Image of Mary Furniss

Mary Furniss

Image of Roxman Gatt

Roxman Gatt

Image of Christopher D. A. Gray

Christopher D. A. Gray

Image of Jamie Green

Jamie Green

Image of Thomas Greig

Thomas Greig

Image of Byzantia Harlow

Byzantia Harlow

Image of Sebastian Jefford

Sebastian Jefford

Image of Seungjo Jeong

Seungjo Jeong

Image of Alfie Kungu

Alfie Kungu

Image of Janina Lange

Janina Lange