Artists 2013


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Aisha Abid Hussain

Aisha Abid Hussain

Image of Rebecca Ackroyd

Rebecca Ackroyd

Image of Thomas Aitchison

Thomas Aitchison

Image of Lewis Betts

Lewis Betts

Image of Jason Brown

Jason Brown

Image of Fatma Bucak

Fatma Bucak

Image of Agnes Calf

Agnes Calf

Image of Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen

Image of Patrick Cole

Patrick Cole

Image of Menna Cominetti

Menna Cominetti

Image of Calum Crawford

Calum Crawford

Image of Mark Essen

Mark Essen

Image of Adham Faramawy

Adham Faramawy

Image of Ophelia Finke

Ophelia Finke

Image of Grant Foster

Grant Foster

Image of Archie Franks

Archie Franks

Image of Joe Frazer

Joe Frazer

Image of Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins

Image of Adam Hogarth

Adam Hogarth

Image of Catherine Hughes

Catherine Hughes

Image of Antoine L'Heureux

Antoine L'Heureux

Image of Roman Liška

Roman Liška

Image of Lana Locke

Lana Locke

Image of Alex McNamee

Alex McNamee