Artists 2010


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Alice Browne

Alice Browne

Image of Amir Chasson

Amir Chasson

Image of Joe Clark

Joe Clark

Image of Matthew Coombes

Matthew Coombes

Image of Patrick Coyle

Patrick Coyle

Image of Keren Dee

Keren Dee

Image of Sophie Eagle

Sophie Eagle

Image of Peles Empire

Peles Empire

Image of Claas Gutsche

Claas Gutsche

Image of Guy Haddon-Grant

Guy Haddon-Grant

Image of Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris

Image of Rowena Harris

Rowena Harris

Image of Emma Hart

Emma Hart

Image of Darren Harvey-Reagan

Darren Harvey-Reagan

Image of Raphael Hefti

Raphael Hefti

Image of Ian Homerston

Ian Homerston

Image of Rowena Hughes

Rowena Hughes

Image of Vasileios Kantas

Vasileios Kantas

Image of Krister Klassman

Krister Klassman

Image of Sam Knowles

Sam Knowles

Image of Alec Kronacker

Alec Kronacker

Image of Agnieszka Kucharko

Agnieszka Kucharko

Image of Daniel Lichtman

Daniel Lichtman

Image of Agata Madejska

Agata Madejska