Allsopp & Weir



Paul Allsopp and Andy Weir
Formed 2003 London

2005-2007 MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London
2002-2003 MA Contemporary Art Theory, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Previous Exhibitions:

2008 Airswap, Manifesta 7, Trentino, Italy
2008 Artquest Residency, Liquidacion Total, Madrid
2008 Behind, Monitor Gallery, Rome
2008 Phase Cancellation, Bogota, Colombia
2007 Permanent Gallery, Brighton
2007 Studio 1.1, London
2007 It's Just Bread, Alma Enterprises, London
2007 Neighbourhood Watch, Nettie Horn, London
2007 Overland, Platform Garanti, Istanbul
2007 The Most Curatorial Biennial of the Universe, Apex Art, New York
2007 Video Art London, Tokyo Wondersite
2006 Arsenal: Artists exploring the Potential of Sound as a Weapon, Alma Enterprises, London
2006 The Sweetest Dream: Unity and Dissonance in Europe, SPACE Gallery, London
2006 Case Study, Beyond the Valley, London; Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth
2006 Loop Video Art Festival, Barcelona
2006 CCCB, Blanquerna, Spain
2006 Showroom, Art Basel, with Amberg & Marti Gallery, Zurich
2006 OVL by Rec, ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan
2005 London in Six Easy Steps (Real Estate: Art in a Changing City), ICA, London
2005 Immediate: New Art From the North, Site Gallery, Sheffield
2005 Goethe2 Gallery, Bolzano, Italy
2005 The Artist with Two Brains, St Paul's Church, Birmingham (MOT off-site project)
2005 Video London, Espai Ubu, Barcelona
2005 Videokunstwoche, NBK, Berlin
2005 Beograd Nekad I Sad, National Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2004 Trading Places: Migration, Representation and Collaboration in Contemporary Art, Pump House Gallery, London
2004 Exposure, Lux Cinema/Candid Arts, London
2004 Purescreen, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

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