Daniel Pasteiner



b. 1980 Kuwait City

2005-07 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London
1999-02 BA [hons] Visual Art, Camberwell College

Previous Exhibitions:
2006 The Wish List, M+R Gallery, Kingsland Road, London
2006 Display, Studio A Gallery, Acton Mews, London
2005 Everything's Ending Here, Vision-On Gallery, Palatine Avenue, London
2004 Nihilism Part II - The Exciting Adventures of Young People, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
2003 The Sound of the Suburbs, Woodlands Heath Gallery, Blackheath, London
2003 Aariviivoja, Jangva Gallery, Kalevankatu, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Fade to Grey, New Inn Yard, Curtain Road, London

Selectors' Comments:
No question, the shift between picture with full foam, a record, the race track, the bridging between flat down or flat up. The easy light atonement, and given existence, shifts between real and reference.

Artist's Statement:
My work is an attempt to re-align disparate streams of art history, to produce hybrid objects and to acknowledge this process within the forms of these objects. My particular interests are painting, colour and the Readymade and how they might come together in a new kind of formalism. Visual pleasure is the key to my process.

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