Dave Carbone



b. 1975 Leicester, England

2002-2003 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London
2000-2001 Postgraduate Diploma, Chelsea College of Art, London
1994-1997 BA (hons) Fine Art, Loughborough University

Previous Exhibitions:

2004 Death and Magic, Keith Talent Gallery, London
2004 The Principle of Hope, Three Colts Gallery, London
2004 Itchy Park, collaborative video with Phil Coy, Limehouse Town Hall, London
2004 Marriage as Menace, Keith Talent Gallery, London
2004 Bird House, 39, London
2003 Bag Lady, Norwegian Lady band, installation and performance, Cell Project Space, London
2003 You Don't Love Me Yet, Norwegian Lady band, performance, Frieze Art Fair
2003 Have A Go Heroes, Cell Project Space, London
2003 Group Shows Are a Waste of Time, Hoxton Distillery Gallery, London
2003 Yard Ape, collaboration with Sarah Lucas, Colin Lowe and Roddie Thomson, East International, Norwich Art Gallery
2003 Nihilism Faith, Paul Street, London
2003 Vilma Gold Presents, collaboration with Lali Chetwynd and Norwegian Lady, performance, Vilma Gold, London
2003 Babak Ghazi curates the Fridge, Magnifitat and Son,
2002 Hasta la Vista, Mission Gallery, London
2002 Kontakte, curated by Annette Kosak, Neon Gallery, London
2002 Gatsby, New Lansdowne Club, London

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