Artists 2003


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Catharina Barich

Catharina Barich

Image of Christopher Barr

Christopher Barr

Image of Rodrigo Cienfuegos

Rodrigo Cienfuegos

Image of Daniel G. Cramer

Daniel G. Cramer

Image of Ben Crane

Ben Crane

Image of Laurence Elliott

Laurence Elliott

Image of Eddie Farrell

Eddie Farrell

Image of Lauren Federlein

Lauren Federlein

Image of Dimitris Foutris

Dimitris Foutris

Image of Michael Fullerton

Michael Fullerton

Image of Karen Grainger

Karen Grainger

Image of Juri Hashimoto

Juri Hashimoto

Image of Sigrid Holmwood

Sigrid Holmwood

Image of Mustafa Hulusi

Mustafa Hulusi

Image of Seb Humphrys

Seb Humphrys

Image of Esteban Igartua

Esteban Igartua

Image of Wendy Lewis

Wendy Lewis

Image of Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Image of Anna Mitchell

Anna Mitchell

Image of Stephen Peirce

Stephen Peirce

Image of Peter Peri

Peter Peri

Image of Martin Poyner

Martin Poyner

Image of Abigail Reynolds

Abigail Reynolds

Image of Hannah Rickards

Hannah Rickards