Mathieu Copeland



b. 1977 Lagny Sur Marne

2002-2003 MA Creative Curating, Goldsmiths College, University of London
2000 Cleveland Institute of Art, TIME (Technology Integrated Media Environment), Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1998-2002 BA (hons) Fine Art, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
1997-1998 Graphic Art and Design Course, Ecole Maryse Eloy, Paris, France

Previous Exhibitions:

2000 L'espace d'un Instant, Le studio Multimedia, CD Rom, France
1999 Exhibition/performance with Erna Rijdisk, Doctor in Politic on the Yugoslav Conflict and Srebrenica, Architect Cafe, Newcastle Upon Tyne
1998 You'll be Perfect Just Like Me, Video Performance in St Thomas Church, Newcastle Upon Tyne


2002 Post-VCR-Art, curator, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne
2001 Internship at Le Consortium, Dijon, France
2000 L'espace d'un Instant, Exhibition on CD Rom. Published with Le Studio Multimedia


2001 Bartlett Travel Scholarship
1999 John Christies Prize

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