Kieran Brown



Born Liverpool
Brought up on the coast of north Devon
6ft 3
Brown hair in winder blonde in summer, no it's not dyed. Normally a mess.
Blue green eyes.
Love water and everything you can do in it.
Especially surfing.
Favourite food Mexican.
Have a bit of a sweet tooth so anything pudding like.
Best book, Lord of the Rings I'm afraid.
Favourite film is Fifth Element.
Favourite artists at the moment is Carsten Holler, Matthew Barney.
Ambitions are to build my own home; it would have to be unusually unique. To be a pirate in a pirate film and dive off the topmast into crystal clear sea, somewhere warm preferably. To earn at least 24 grand a year. Have a solo show in a major gallery. Not be scared of flying or dentists.
Favourite superhero is 1st Batman, 2nd Spiderman, joint 3rd Wolverine and Knight Crawler.
Best advice, anything from my parents.
Best advice I could give, ask my parents.

Kieran Brown, Deluxe 99 (detail), installation, 2001

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