Artists 2002


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Helen Barron

Helen Barron

Image of Kiera Bennett

Kiera Bennett

Image of Niall Blankley

Niall Blankley

Image of Bálint Bolygó

Bálint Bolygó

Image of Charlotte Brisland

Charlotte Brisland

Image of Kieran Brown

Kieran Brown

Image of Carol Burtt

Carol Burtt

Image of Mathieu Copeland

Mathieu Copeland

Image of Ruth Ewan

Ruth Ewan

Image of Anna Fasshauer

Anna Fasshauer

Image of Jáchym Fleig

Jáchym Fleig

Image of Babak Ghazi

Babak Ghazi

Image of Rob Grose

Rob Grose

Image of Lesley Halliwell

Lesley Halliwell

Image of Darren Marshall

Darren Marshall

Image of Ben Mayman

Ben Mayman

Image of Helen McCrorie

Helen McCrorie

Image of Lucinda Metcalfe

Lucinda Metcalfe

Image of Matt O'dell

Matt O'dell

Image of Raul Ortega

Raul Ortega

Image of Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer

Image of Edd Pearman

Edd Pearman

Image of Samuel Porritt

Samuel Porritt

Image of Nathaniel Rackowe

Nathaniel Rackowe