Artists 2000


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of John Askew

John Askew

Image of Anna Barriball

Anna Barriball

Image of Jennifer Beattie

Jennifer Beattie

Image of Richard Bradbury

Richard Bradbury

Image of Gail Burton

Gail Burton

Image of Don Bury

Don Bury

Image of Josephine Butler

Josephine Butler

Image of Justin Carter

Justin Carter

Image of Phil Collins

Phil Collins

Image of Mike Cooter

Mike Cooter

Image of Robert Currie

Robert Currie

Image of Eric


Image of Alistair Hadley

Alistair Hadley

Image of Ilana Halperin

Ilana Halperin

Image of Lucy Harrison

Lucy Harrison

Image of Saron Hughes

Saron Hughes

Image of James Ireland

James Ireland

Image of Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen

Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen

Image of Jeffrey Ty Lee

Jeffrey Ty Lee

Image of Johannes Maier

Johannes Maier

Image of Andrew Mania

Andrew Mania

Image of Marta Marce

Marta Marce

Image of Nathaniel Mellors

Nathaniel Mellors

Image of Miyako Narita

Miyako Narita