Artists 1993 - 1994


Since 1949 we have played a significant role in giving a visibility to generations of emerging UK-based artists

Image of Andrew Bannister

Andrew Bannister

Image of Bernadette Bentley

Bernadette Bentley

Image of Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks

Image of Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates

Image of Martine Coker

Martine Coker

Image of Stuart Cumberland

Stuart Cumberland

Image of Laura Daly

Laura Daly

Image of Edwin David

Edwin David

Image of Mark Dean

Mark Dean

Image of Edward Harper

Edward Harper

Image of Jaki Irvine

Jaki Irvine

Image of Adrian Izzard

Adrian Izzard

Image of Sivian Lewin

Sivian Lewin

Image of Edward Lipski

Edward Lipski

Image of Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

Image of Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili

Image of Mark Pimlott

Mark Pimlott

Image of Porchia


Image of Gillian Potkins

Gillian Potkins

Image of Ian Pratt

Ian Pratt

Image of Thomas Sharpe

Thomas Sharpe

Image of Richard Squires

Richard Squires

Image of Simon Starling

Simon Starling

Image of Keith Stutter

Keith Stutter