• Robbie Campbell, 'Jess', 2016 35mm photograph
    31 October 2017

    Blog Post: Robbie Campbell

    One of the most valuable aspects of life is to be aspirational and direct, like Icarus. Now there was a man whose head was screwed on proper.
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  • Luna Storta, 2017, Concrete and roofing paint
    24 October 2017

    Andrea Zucchini: 5 months into his Studio Bursary with SPACE

    From head to toe, moon to stone.

    Fire above and Earth below, That is progress.
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  • Protestors against removal of state flags from University of Southern Mississippi
    12 October 2017

    Blog Post: Melissa Magnuson

    In the work Mississippi, I explored the community that I can no longer call my home. Born there, grew up there, had access to people and places and knew where to go, but it was not a comfortable place to be. Racial, political and economic divisions exist.
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  • The Hospitalfield staircase
    5 October 2017

    Alice Browne Studio Residency with Hospitalfield

    There is a pigeon that sings to me each morning through the fireplace next to my bed. When it rains, I hear the water dripping onto the stone hearth. My window looks out of the rampart-style stonework on the third floor towards the sea. I feel a long way from my ground floor flat in London.
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